Road Warriors Lament

After traveling by air twice a week for 15 years, I understand the dictum that less IS more. My point of view? Down size everything. If you are a fanatic about compact travel and if you insist on over-stuffing and squeezing 10 inches of depth out of an 8 Inch depth case, you have come to the right place. I research the best in small travel: suitcases, totes, laptops and cameras.Crowded airplaneRolling Luggage
Apparently, suitcase designers never fly. At least, not the airlines I use with their ever-more-narrowing aisles. Many rolling cases are 16 inches or more wide, which means they hang up on every other seat on the aisle or instead of rolling your wheeled suitcase to your seat, you have to carry it down the aisle.
Wheels In
The only storage consideration on this site is wheels-in
storage, whether under the seat or in the overhead. Any case that needs to be turned side ways in the overhead compartment is not described in the pages of this blog.
Combined Suitcase and Tote
No self respecting micro-traveler considers a Samsonite Wheeled Underseater Largerolling suitcase wider than 14 inches, max. If you are truly obsessive, 12″ to 13″ is really preferable. The Holy Grail is in the neighbor hood of 16″ to 18″ high, 13″ to 14″ wide and 9″ to 10″ deep.
On this site, totes are no more that 13″ to 15″ high x 14″ wide and 9″ deep. A TRUE TOTE IS A BACKUP SUITCASE.
The combined suitcase and tote — 3500 to 4000 cubic inches. Anything above that size is a plus. Finding these combinations is not easy and you can ignore most of the luggage  on the Internet.
High, Wide and Deep
What some manufacturers call high others call deep or wide. This blog’s definitions are 16″ to 18″  high x 12″ to 14″ wide x 8″ to 10″ deep. Only those cases that meet these criteria find their way to this site.
No Spinners or Long Support Legs
There are no spinners or long legged support tongs on this site. Why? Two reasons; one they cut down on your ability to go wheels in on the overhead compartment; two it is wasted space that could be available for more cubic inches.
Carry On Luggage
I never check bags because if I go to London, my bags might
go to Copenhagen. ‘nough said. Carry everything on-board. This blog focuses on what the industry calls “UnderSeaters”, but what I call my main suitcase and tote.
Compulsive Over-Stuffer
I try to push beyond the advertized limits. So forgive me, if I add an inch in my assessment of soft-sided cases. Many reviewers complain that advertizing is wrong and I use some of their comments to adjust to actual sizes.
No Reviews
Products are coming to the market all the time and they frequently have no reviews or low-number reviews. With these cases, I include the product simply for your awareness and I list some product description.
Suitcases, totes, laptops, cameras and everything else: all of it needs to be smaller and yet, meet the needs of the trip. I’ve applied my business travel obsession to two-week vacations in Europe. I can carry everything I need without a visit to the laundromat. My wife and I  have literally been asked by information assistance, ” You’re doing two weeks in Europe and that’s your luggage?”